Our Services

How we can help you

Unlike curb-to-curb services, Webb Transportation and Logistics provides door-through-door service. Whether you require ambulatory assistance or a wheelchair, our highly trained staff is prepared to accommodate your needs from within your place of residence and safely escort and secure you in our vehicles. Upon arrival, our trained staff will escort you to check-in at your destination.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

To Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities

We provide wheelchair and gurney transport support to clients at discharge and to clients needing to be admitted. We move care forward.

Dialysis and other Medical Appointments

Webb Transportation and Logistics will ensure that you, your loved one or clients make it to their appointment safely and on time. Call us today and eliminate your stress associated with getting to your scheduled appointments.

Personal / Leisure and Social Trips

For the disabled and those living in facilities, socialization away from their typical care setting is critical. Call us today to learn about scheduling leisure pick-ups for family trips and other weekend activities.